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Leveraging Technology to Achieve Interoperability

Based on the strategies documented in the Office of Inspector General July study, “ACOs’ Strategies for Transitioning to Value-Based Care: Lessons From the Medicare Shared Savings Program.”

Access to shared clinical and financial claims data provides a baseline for measuring and predicting a patient’s quality, cost, and utilization outcomes. Knowing where a patient stands in terms of their medical history and emergency service usage enables physicians, care managers, and ACO leaders to decide how to manage their needs and formulate initiatives, both broad and patient-centric.

Lightbeam Chief Technology Officer, Mike Hoxter, and Manager of HIE Implementations, Carrie Roth, discuss how the use of technology to share patient information leads to enhanced communication, cooperation, and savings. During the webinar, they focus on two primary strategies that ACOs can leverage to share patient information:

  1. Using a unified electronic health record (EHR) system, or developing custom solutions to communicate across disparate practices
  2. Using health information exchanges (HIEs) for both state and regional data systems to communicate with the ACO, external providers, and facilities


Mike Hoxter, CTO of Lightbeam Health Solutions

Mike Hoxter
Chief Technology Officer

Carrie Roth
Manager of HIE Implementations

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