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Product Overview

Diagnotes helps you leverage your Lightbeam data to get additional value. The Diagnotes messaging platform enables your clinical team to accelerate communication and collaborate in real time.

If your Lightbeam data reveals performance gaps in workflow, patient throughput and clinician satisfaction, the Diagnotes platform can optimize crucial elements of your patient care

  • Faster ED consults: ED Clinicians using Diagnotes can launch a secure discussion with the on-call specialist in real time. Care coordination can begin instantly. No more calling, paging and waiting.
  • Optimize patient transitions: Multiple care team members can join text discussions and video chats for efficient decision making, reducing length of stay and improving outcomes.
  • Improve hospitalist and PCP engagement: Diagnotes delivers seamless communication with providers during key patient transitions including admission, discharge, and transfers.
  • Manage clinician burnout: Diagnotes reduces alert fatigue by automatically filtering unnecessary notifications. And clinicians can further customize alerts by content, and align them with their schedule.

Diagnotes is a mobile platform that goes beyond secure texting to offer a simple, smart mobile workspace that your clinicians access on the smart phones they already have.

With Diagnotes, your care teams use our virtual room technology to check in as needed on group discussions, work with both internal and external providers, and share key data. Clinicians can create their own virtual rooms that reflect how healthcare actually gets done. For example, care teams can set up rooms to coordinate care within specialties. And they can also set up multi-disciplinary rooms to facilitate broader collaboration between departments.

Product ScreenShots

Case Studies

IU Health achieved 89% faster consults using a mobile platform

Hancock Health streamlined communications and reduced non-urgent interruptions

Leading health system saved $700K by replacing pagers with mobile platform

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