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Product Overview

Healthy Interactions has a complete suite of over 20 Conversation Map® programs. Our customers can offer one or many programs to their patients based on their specific needs. Our most utilized chronic condition programs are for type 2 diabetes, CHF, COPD, CKD and mild depression. Our most popular health challenge programs are for weight management and tobacco cessation. These programs can be delivered in-person or virtually. A patient cohort goes through the program as a group. That is, the same group of 7 or 8 patients meet every week with the same health educator facilitator for 4 weeks (in the case of our in-person type 2 diabetes program), on the same day, at the same time, in the same office or clinic. They explore lots of information about their chronic condition and how to manage it, are able to ask the questions that are most relevant and important to them, and create a plan for how they will take action to improve their health.

We also have a nation-wide network of nearly 10,000 health educators (primarily nurses and dietitians) that can deliver these programs at our customers’ facilities or virtually. Our health educators work to understand your business and serve as an extension of it. They facilitate the Conversation Map programs with your patients, do charting, can assist patients in understanding other services available to them, and can provide ongoing support to patients utilizing our map4health® coaching and support platform. The map4health platform provides patients, through an app or website, the opportunity to set and track health goals, do meal photo journaling, connect with other patients in forums, access additional content, and the ability to connect with their health educator via text or video.

We work with our customers to understand their unique needs in order to build a comprehensive population health offering, including logistics planning, program implementation and ongoing management and support. We have years of experience working with stakeholders throughout organizations to make program implementation easy and ensure the programs deliver a significant impact across the population. For example, our type 2 diabetes program has helped patients lower A1c by nearly 2 points and has helped to close gaps in care related to important tests and screenings (e.g., getting an annual retinopathy exam). All while being highly valued by patients as indicated by a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 91.

Patient Experience

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