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At IKS Health, we understand that Provider Enterprises and Risk Bearing Entities struggle to invest in the right resources and tools to optimize outcomes while they operate in both volume and value. Our solutions are built with the singular aim of enabling Physician Enterprises to deliver better, safer, and more efficient care and providing the tools necessary to succeed irrespective of the reimbursement model. Our solutions give providers the infrastructure, support, and data they need to ensure that they deliver the best care possible for their patients.

IKS Health’s comprehensive Risk & Quality solution provides an on-demand, scalable & variable cost infrastructure to succeed across a wide spectrum of value-based care models. Combining proven Population Health Management Technology, a sophisticated Risk Stratification Engine with a Clinical Chart Review, HCC Coding, and Clinical Data Abstraction, we help provider enterprises & risk-bearing entities optimize risk capture & quality of care outcomes while improving patient experience. This helps manage the shift to value, profitably.

– We understand that most chronic conditions are diagnosed with a delay and that early diagnosis of a condition can help improve a patient’s quality of life and reduce the total cost of care. Our comprehensive Clinical Chart Review solution helps identify inferred diagnosis of chronic conditions through a longitudinal differential diagnosis process to enable early identification of chronic conditions. This in turn helps reduce the cost of care and optimize risk capture. Our solution helps deliver upsides of over $1.1 Mn annually for every 10,000 member lives managed.

– We appreciate that a robust, comprehensive, and compliant HCC Coding program can make a significant impact on an organization’s ability to accurately capture risk. Our concurrent & retrospective HCC Coding services ensure that all diagnoses evidenced in patient charts are adequately captured and coded by a team of experienced and sophisticated coders leveraging our indigenously developed tools. We have successfully helped build and operate these programs, delivering RAF score optimization of 8% on an average while driving down the overall cost of Coding.

– Even as enterprises capture risk through documentation already available, it is equally essential to ensure that Physicians get the right data in the right place at the right time so they can drive necessary interventions and improve the overall quality of care. With IKS Stacks, our document management and clinical data abstraction solution, we ensure that all incoming documents are indexed and clinically relevant information is abstracted in discrete data fields. This improves performance on clinical quality metrics, reduces the administrative burden for physicians, and reduces delays in care and retesting.

Over the years we’ve helped several Provider Enterprises succeed in delivering on their strategic outcomes while improving patient and physician satisfaction and clinical outcomes. To know more about how IKS Health can help, reach out to us on our website at or email us at

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