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Product Overview

Streamline communications across a single, integrated platform that makes working together more efficient. The NaviNet product suite offers a range of solutions for payers and providers so that you can choose the options that are right for you.

NaviNet Open

NaviNet® Open is one of America’s leading payer-provider collaboration platforms—a secure, multi-payer web portal that lets payers and providers exchange vital administrative and clinical information in real-time.
• Improves provider relationships by granting centralized—and real-time—access to information regarding patients’ eligibility and benefits, claims management, authorizations, referrals, and administrative, financial, and clinical information exchange.
• Reduces time spent on complaint mitigation and troubleshooting on both sides—simplifying workflows, minimizing internal resources labor, and reducing friction between your payer organization and providers.
• Minimizes time and money spent on the phone and performing other manual administrative tasks, dramatically increasing operational efficiencies for both parties.
• NaviNet Open delivers a comprehensive set of provider portal workflows available to your whole network. Providers have free access to sponsoring health plan workflows, and with AllPayer Advantage, can extend their use to interact with the payers that cover all or most of their patients.

AllPayer Advantage

NaviNet AllPayer Advantage delivers eligibility, benefit, and claim status information for 1,000+ commercial and state Medicaid plans, opening a single door to a world of information that typically consumes significant time to access. Gain all the benefits of NaviNet Open, plus extended access to additional health plans.
• Displays eligibility and benefit information in a consistent and accessible way, facilitating smoother information exchange and accelerated workflows.
• Offers an easy-to-navigate, secure, and cost-effective way for providers to expand access to any health plan they do business with, reducing time spent searching for—or providing—information.
• Provides payer COB teams with an online channel to verify their members’ insurance coverage information with other health plans.

Medicare Access

Broaden the NaviNet umbrella with NaviNet Medicare Access with all of the same one-stop-shop advantages that you’re used to.
• Offers a simple solution for providers that cover Medicare patients.
• Provides users with the same, easy-to-use interface and unparalleled access – without requiring multiple logins.

Product ScreenShots

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