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Product Overview

Reemo Health is the leading provider of longitudinal connected health technology and services that improve the health, safety and wellbeing in older adults and rising risk populations. Our wearable-first platform combines aging-in-place, remote monitoring, health engagement and condition support into an approachable and non-stigmatizing smartwatch experience.

Reemo’s longitudinal remote monitoring and home management solution is designed to make it simple for the patient to use over an extended duration as part of their personal care plan, while providing continuous, real-world data back to the care team responsible for the management of their chronic care and health risks. Flexible by design, Reemo is patient-centric, providing a unified remote experience for all users. Based on changing risks or needs, the program can be readily expanded to include additional peripherals, or personalized protocols, all through the same wearable-first platform and accompanying technologies to protect the health and wellbeing of vulnerable patients.

For our clients, Reemo manages the details for delivering the required hardware to the patients, supporting them in their enrollment and adoption of the program and managing their ongoing engagement and participation to enable your clinicians and staff to focus simply on delivering the best and most proactive care to your patients as possible.

Our solution consists of the following functionality that can be enabled and configured by population segment, cohort or risk-factor as part of our standard platform implementation process.

  • Patient Onboarding: Patient is assigned to cohort segment & receives their personalized Reemo “Kit” provisioned to their segmentation specifications, with onboarding materials, welcome call and support. Clinician is notified of “go-live” and program automatically initiates for automated workflows.
  • Remote Data Collection: Passive and active data collection from native wearable sensors and auto-sync peripherals is continuously collected and can be applied into program-specific algorithms or derivative insights.
  • Dashboard & Alerts: Trends, alerts, and prioritizations insights are tailored to client for proactive remote management and care. Patient and care circle access to personal health data and progress can also be made available to expand support network.
  • Patient Journeys: Lifestyle, participation and engagement campaigns shape desired behaviors, deepen relationship with patient and creates long-term value-add and support touchpoints.
  • Self-Assessments: On-demand or logic-based “check-ins” capture self-reported measures specific to client or industry standards, as well as patient requests for help or changes in health status.
  • Care Pathways: Cohort-specific protocol delivered to watch including reminders and key information specific to personal care plan/treatment. Can be scheduled or triggered by data or patient actions.


Key Reemo Remote Monitoring and Home Management Features:

  • Wearable-First Experience: Simple, easy-to-use smartwatch is an alternative to traditional monitoring systems, home hub or tablet interactions that are cumbersome to use, underutilized, or limited in where and when they can support the patient as part of their daily life.
  • Auto-Sync Peripherals: Extend remote “patient-centered” monitoring insights with auto-synced BLE-connected devices, and align with the 99453, 99454, 99457 and 99458 CPT codes for sustained remote patient monitoring programs and revenue channel.
  • Live Two-Way Calling: On-demand telephonic access to connect the user with loved ones, clinical staff or triage to other resources.
  • “Easy Button” On-Demand Support: Digital hand-raise interaction for program enrollment or request for services or outreach at the tap of the screen.
  • Direct-to-Patient Messaging: Capture self-reported responses, send reminders or deliver protocols via watch-based messaging and Q&A functionality.
  • Integrated LTE Cellular Service: No separate phone or internet connection required. The watch is a standalone cellular device on the Verizon 4G LTE network.
  • Passive Data Collection: Continuous steps, heart rate, GPS and ‘day-in-the-life’ benchmarks to segment risk or provide early indicators for intervention.
  • mPERS Emergency Call-for-Help: Optional one-touch calling that works anywhere the consumer goes, to provide emergency support for personal safety.
  • Care Circle Connection: Insights and direct connections to the user’s personal support network to help maintain independence and simplify awareness of health trends.
  • Longitudinal Participation: Designed for extended consumer use beyond traditional 30/60/90 monitoring periods • Over-the-Air Update: Software enhancement and protocol updates automatically installs with no action needed from member.
  • Care Management Insights: Flexible data access customizable by method, output and frequency for actionable insight delivery.
  • Proactive Care: Rules-based risk alerting and patient engagement triggers to augment care delivery and patient interactions.
  • Systems Integration: Flexibility to integrate data with existing care management, health record systems, or digital health platforms to ensure interoperability within existing ecosystems and workstreams.

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