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Are you ready to assume risk and take on value-based care?

Get the strategies you need to construct a proven blueprint for navigating success in value-based care.

Join Daniel Marino, MBA, MHA, Managing Partner for Lumina Health Partners, and Maha Salah-Uh-Din, MPH, Senior Advisor for Lightbeam Health Solutions for a deep dive into building actionable strategies to reduce costs and increase quality.

This presentation helps healthcare organizations struggling to answer important strategic questions about engaging in value-based care contracts:

  • How do we know when we are ready to assume risk?
  • How do we effectively manage the shift in utilization?
  • What are the most effective speed-to-market care management programs?
  • Where do we start looking at data?
  • What data created the best actionable insights?
  • How do we ensure incentives are aligned?
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Lightbeam Health Solutions’ advisory services provide solutions to combat a number of key challenges that may have a negative impact on your reimbursement and overall performance. Our solutions help clients improve the way their emergency rooms are being utilized by patients, reduce the number of readmissions within 30 days, and decrease spending levels for home health, skilled nursing facilities, and out-of-network services.

See how we helped Florida-based Millennium ACO earn more than $29.7 million in shared savings in 2017.

This partnership is instrumental in our groth strategy. Lightbeam has been a pivotal tool that has allowed us to shift from fee-for-service to value-based care much faster than we otherwise could have.


#1 ACO in the country

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