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Improve Clinical & Financial Outcomes Through Annual Wellness Visits

Lightbeam’s solutions for annual wellness visits automate manual processes, reducing administrative burden and increasing staff efficiency

Promote Prevention Over Reactivity through Annual Wellness Visits

By implementing an Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) program, organizations can use Lightbeam resources to drive preventative healthcare.

AWVs provide several operational and clinical benefits: 

  • Patients benefit through education and health screenings 
  • AWVs empower patients to understand their health through the creation of a personalized care plan
  • AWVs increase revenue and help drive long-term financial success for both providers and payers

The industry average completion rate for AWVs sits at just 24%, but Lightbeam clients achieve twice the industry completion rate – not only meeting their goals, but increasing reimbursements and improving patient health.

Deliver Care and Optimize your Revenue Growth with Lightbeam

Lightbeam Health Solutions gives each provider the insights needed to perform an AWV. This allows any provider not only time to perform an advanced health screening but also critical background information to help build a comprehensive care plan based on a patient’s physical and behavioral health.  

The difficulty remains that despite the benefits of an AWV, according to the CDC, only 25% of adults aged 50-64 and less than 40% of adults over the age of 65 receive this important health screening. Therefore, Lightbeam knows that it’s key for organizations to increase the number of AWVs they perform each year – specifically offering solutions for every healthcare organization, no matter the size.  

With Lightbeam organizations can deliver effective population health management interventions by: 

  • Improve Patient Outcomes by identifying eligible patients for AWVs
  • Help achieve revenue growth by optimizing efficiency
  • Identify gaps in care and improve quality measures which will streamline workflows and patient scheduling allowing you to close more care gaps during AWV
  • Acquiring data in one streamlined platform 
  • Connect with both high-risk and rising risk patients without the burden of additional staff
  • Track data in real-time – reducing errors in clinical information
  • Assess performance 

The reason Lightbeam organizations can take benefit from AWVs is because we offer proven tactics backed by data driven solutions that strengthen our client’s ability to implement and grow their AWV program.

Let Lightbeam Support your AWV Needs

Lightbeam can help any organization, large or small, scale programs to fit their needs and create AWV programs that identify cohorts of patients, leverage insights, and help create care plans. Additionally, with our newly acquired partner, CareSignal, organizations can track and reach out to patients through Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring.  




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