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The Lightbeam Operations Department: Helping Clients Succeed in Value-Based Care

The Lightbeam Operations Department: Helping Clients Succeed in Value-Based Care

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Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), payers, providers, employers, and other groups might have the best technology solutions available. Still, to transform how they manage their population’s health, they need advocates for their success. At Lightbeam, the Operations team is perhaps our greatest asset; they are the people that help devise the data-driven strategies to combat physician burnout and provide guidance to clients who want to serve their high needs patients with efficiency and less administrative burden. The advisory services team, client success managers, and clinical transformation experts work alongside clients by identifying the most apparent needs and deploying the right solutions to confront challenges head-on. The more people focused on an organization’s success, the higher the positive outcomes and payoffs are down the road.

Advisors, Client Success Managers, Project Managers, and Clinical Transformation Advisors

At Lightbeam, our advisors are responsible for developing personalized strategies to manage value-based contracts. Their experience in population health management, value-based care reimbursement, and healthcare information technology has created a proven track record for driving mutually beneficial partnerships. In addition to helping providers and healthcare organizations improve initiatives like compliance with quality measures, reporting, and coding processes, the advisory team can dive deeper and help achieve goals and directly impact their populations’ health. Working with value-based care experts can improve the way patients utilize their emergency rooms, reduce the number of readmissions, and decrease spending levels for home health, skilled nursing facilities, and out-of-network services, among others.

Client success managers and project managers are the direct points of contact from Lightbeam to the client. Their roles center primarily on communication, relaying any developments from Lightbeam’s side, ensuring that expectations are met, and maximizing their success. They are present at the beginning of all client journeys; from the initial discussions to the go-lives and weekly stand-up meetings, they play an integral role in maintaining the partnership model Lightbeam strives to deliver.

Clinical transformation is a concept developed by Lightbeam to encompass all care management endeavors. Clinical transformation at Lightbeam is a wing of the Operations division, made up of clinically trained professionals responsible for workflow advisement, module training, and technical support when designing, building, and customizing care management goals. With each client that opts to do care management, our clinical transformation advisors conduct a discovery process to identify ways to implement streamlined, automated workflows within Lightbeam to address a population’s immediate needs, long-term goals, and enhance their BI reporting. Between the software and advisory insights available each step of the way, the development, coordination, and monitoring of cohorts help simplify efforts to achieve the triple aim.

An Extra Set of Eyes in Crisis

Having an extra set of eyes enables clients to quickly identify strategic objectives tied to contracts, create specific interventions backed by data, increase operational workflows, and achieve goals as they evolve, especially in the unprecedented. The additional aid that Operations offers proved invaluable to clients during COVID-19 this year. Since the virus is more dangerous to individuals with preexisting conditions, in-house value-based care efforts shifted focus to targeting patients at higher risk to ensure patients had the resources they needed to stay healthy and still receive critical services. With the vaccine imminent, initiatives will be crafted to begin distribution to the highest risk groups.

Reducing the legwork for overworked physicians and caregivers, advocating for an organization’s success, and helping hone strategies only offers additional help when implementing value-based care. Combined with advanced technology, these components create the ultimate roadmap to thriving in population health. For more thought leadership contributions on the Operations team and how they can help transform population health management, visit the Lightbeam Education Center.

Karla Glenn, Director of Implementation & Project Management at Lightbeam.

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