• Better data. Better decisions.
    Better care.
    By unifying claims and discrete clinical
    data, Lightbeam helps revolutionize the
    way you manage patient care and your
    bottom line.
  • Turn Data Into Actionable
    What you don't know can hurt you.
    Better information means better
    decisions. Our analytics platform
    turns your data into a powerful tool.
  • Proactive Care
    Improving care and reducing costs
    by monitoring data from multiple sources,
    presenting gaps in care and proactively
    following up to avoid adverse events.

A revolutionary new approach to managing populations and risk.

Analyze & Engage

Our Solutions

Enterprise Data Warehouse

A single-integrated member registry that extracts data from multiple sources and ag- gregates it into an enterprise data warehouse.

Physician Engagement

Make informed decisions and ensure the members are receiving the comprehensive care they deserve.


Measure real-time performance, cost, risk and productivity against strategy and goals to prevent unnecessary spending.

Care Management

Our predictive modeling engine feeds our Care Management solution identifying gaps in care and opportunities for interventions.

Searchlight - Risk Stratification

Assess and calculate each member’s risk acuity based on sophisticated protocols and guidelines.

Patient Engagement

Providing a bi-directional method of communication directly with the member including care plans, medication reminders, and preventive visit recalls.